Romina Bonello

Head Quarters Manager

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Real Estate

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Business Profile

Between 1995 and 2005 I dedicated my life to raising my children, but in 2006 I felt ready to re-enter the workforce. Motherhood gave me renewed energy, together with a zest to strive harder and reach higher, to set an example for my children. I found an opportunity to act as administrator in the property industry, which was a new sector for me, but one I felt comfortable with straight away.

Real Estate is a dynamic sector which suits my personality perfectly. Five years ago, I joined QuickLets and Zanzi Homes Group, a company that made environmental awareness part of its business ethos. This, together with ethics that promote a democratic structure, makes all of us work as a team where altruism and profit are given equal importance. There is a special kind of satisfaction in collecting a salary with the knowledge that part of it has helped educate a child, planted a tree, or contributed to our special Zanta Wish, aimed at giving terminally ill children what they wish for.

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