Morgan Parnis

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Partner

Business Leaders Malta

Management Consultancy
Management Consultancy

Business Leaders Malta


"You are what you do, not what you say you do"

Business Profile

I am the CEO at Business Leaders (Malta) Ltd, a company with several ventures which I cofounded, including Central Mediterranean Business School (formerly known as the Academy of Business Leaders) which focuses on higher education, and Esprimi, a research company in Malta specialising in market, employee and media research solutions. I am also the chairperson of LobesLab, a company that focuses on business intelligence software development solutions. I am a Partner in Mdina International which specialises in Leadership and Management, Sales Development, HR and Business Optimisation, where I am involved in business incubation projects. Apart from my entrepreneurial interests, I also enjoys running and occasional half-marathon competitions. I am an avid learner and I consume many audiobooks and podcasts during my runs and daily commutes. I read a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Malta and was awarded a Masters in Business Administration from Warwick Business School.

Business Activities

  • 2014-Present: Chief Executive Officer, Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS)
  • 2014-Present: Chief Executive Officer, Esprimi
  • 2018-Present: Partner, Mdina International
  • 2019-Present: Chairman, LobesLab



    • 1999-2002: Bachelor of Psychology, University of Malta
    • 2012-2015: Master's in Business Administration, Warwick Business School


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