Sarah Camilleri

Head of Human Resources

GO plc


GO plc





"There are no mistakes or failures, only lessons"

Business Profile

With over 10 years of experience in the field of Human Resources, primarily in the telecommunications and hospitality industries, I have always used my passion for business and people to not only strengthen operations but also to shape people’s development and careers. I have focused on leadership, organisational and people development, and operations, therefore strengthening my expertise across different HR pillars. My additional interest in marketing, analytics and technology has helped shape many HR strategies over the years. Over the past eight years I have actively participated in supporting GO in this evolving story, working towards giving our people the experience to do what they do best every day. Throughout my journey I have also had the pleasure to coach a number of HR professionals through numerous lectures with FHRD and other institutions.

Business Activities


  • December 2010: Human Resources Assistant Manager, Corinthia Hotels
  • September 2012: HR, Training and Development Manager, GO plc
  • January 2018: Senior Manager Human Resources, GO plc
  • August 2019: Head of Human Resources, GO plc


  • 2009: Diploma in Human Resources Management, University of Leicester
  • Current: MBA, Henley School of Business


Official Partners

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