Johann Grech

Malta Film Commissioner

Malta Film Commission

Public Entity
Public Entity

Malta Film Commission


"Creating a world class film industry"

Business Profile

I developed and honed my skills in the freelance market and the agency business before occupying the role of Head of Government Marketing within the Office of the Prime Minister between 2013 and 2017. I was appointed Malta Film Commissioner in December 2017. During the first mandate, more productions were filmed on the island, which generated around €82 million for the economy. In 2018, I launched a detailed masterplan for the Malta Film Studios. Even though Malta’s history as a destination for film production goes back almost a century, the Malta Film Commission was set up in 2000 with the dual aim of supporting the local filmmaking community and strengthening the film servicing sector. I implemented a strategy to grow the film industry further, by raising the cash rebate financial incentive to 40 percent cash back - this put Malta on the map and at the forefront within the European Union. I have a BA (Hons) degree in Communication Studies from the East London University and a Master’s in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

Business Activities

  • Malta Film Commissioner
  • CEO, Malta Film Studios
  • Chairperson, Malta Film Finance


  • 2001-2003: Station Manager, Calypso Radio
  • 2003-2008: Marketing Communications Consultant
  • 2008-2013: Strategic Planner, TBWA\ANG
  • 2013-2017: Head of Government Marketing, Office of the Prime Minister


  • BA (Hons) Communications Studies, East London University
  • MSc in Corporate Communications in Public Affairs, Robert Gordon Univeristy, Aberdeen


Official Partners

  • GO
  • express trailers
  • mca
  • PTL
  • trade
  • HBSC
  • Edward Lowell