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My real estate knowledge comes from years of experience in the property and construction industry throughout the years. I graduated as a Chartered Accountant and Auditor from the University of Malta. I quickly focused my attention onto business development and the property industry. I am proud to have successfully seen to the completion of many real estate development projects and today I am an Executive Director of one of Malta’s leading real estate agencies, leading a dynamic team of specialised individuals and taking an active role in the day-to-day management of the company. I am also the Managing Director of a family-owned property development and rental company in which I have implemented the expansion of its property portfolio over the past 25 years, including opening various avenues of diversification, among which was an investment in what has today become one of Malta’s leading fashion retail companies. This investment has now grown into a franchise operation with a number of fashion retail stores, each strategically located and representing major fashion brands. I am also a non-executive director of a Malta-based and listed property company which has a clear vision to enhance its asset portfolio value and which strives to identify opportunities in key cities in Europe’s developing markets.

Business Activities


    • 1996 – Present: Managing Director, JND Properties Ltd
    • 2010 – Present: Managing Director, Belair Operations Ltd


    • Property Agents Award
    • BA (Hons) Accountancy, University of Malta


    Official Partners

    • PTL
    • Trade Malta
    • OZO
    • Fino
    • Halmann
    • GO Business
    • Laferla Insurance
    • HSBC