Ramon Xuereb Rizzo

Head Office Branch Manager

Zanzi Homes

Real Estate
Real Estate

Zanzi Homes

St Julians

Business Profile

I always believed in the motto: ‘Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others cannot’. I started working in real estate as an independent part-time Broker in 2004 while following my part-time studies at the University of Malta for a Higher National Diploma in Management. At the same time, I had a full-time job as a Sales Manager with one of the leading beverage companies in Malta. Although my life back then was somewhat hectic and stressful, the success I achieved gave me motivation to keep going without looking back. I was satisfied with the results as I was getting a real taste for how hard work really does pay off. The time for the biggest decision of my career came in October 2019. The idea of merging both successful paths into my career was something I had been dreaming of. Joining Zanzi Homes as the Head Office Branch Manager was one of the best decisions I ever took, with the continuous support of my wife. Persistence and hard work are two key factors I promote constantly, every day, with every sales specialist I lead. Leading a team of 16 sales specialists is not an easy task, and it is challenging at times, but our aim is to keep striving to offer the best service in the local market. Our aim is to retain the status of the best Zanzi Homes branch with the highest value sold every year, and to lead our sales specialists to follow their dreams with constant daily training and my full support.

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