Milena Livada

Head of Sales & Marketing

The General Soft Drinks Company Ltd


The General Soft Drinks Company Ltd


"Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!"

Business Profile

I am a results-driven, creative, action-oriented commercial professional with over 20 years of experience, mainly gained in one of the leading multinational companies. I am experienced in marketing, sales and general management roles for single and multiple markets. I have years of distinguished performance in developing and implementing solutions to build business and accelerate sustainable and profitable growth. I served as a Board Member on the Board of Managers of East Adriatic Markets for a multinational company for more than five years, and was responsible for turnover of more than $100 million. I am experienced in managing people across different countries and at various levels of seniority. I am very familiar with the work in a matrix organisation with contacts and peers across countries and continents. I am a professional with strong financial acumen practiced through the management of different budgets and currencies, coupled with broad analytical skills.

Business Activities

  • 1998-2014: Country Manager Croatia, Kraft Mondeleze
  • Marketing Director, East Adriatic Market
  • Sales Director, East Adriatic Market
  • 2015: Executive Sales and Marketing Director, Zvijezda
  • 2017: Sales and Marketing Director, Francis Busuttil & Sons



    • Master’s degree in economics, University of Zagreb
    • Master’s degree in HR Management, University of Skopje


    Official Partners

    • Trade Malta
    • Fino
    • GO Business
    • Imovo
    • Malta Enterprise
    • WFDM
    • St James Hospital
    • Harvest
    • Intercomp
    • Malta Business Registry
    • CF Estates
    • Agilis
    • ICON
    • Agora
    • Bureau Vallee
    • Apex Group Ltd
    • Exereco
    • Excel Homes
    • Lidion Bank
    • Melita Marine
    • TNT
    • Laferla
    • FCM Bank
    • Hi-Care Services