Kenneth Xuereb

Chief Retail Officer

Maypole Group

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Corporate Group of Companies

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"Think positive and always lead by example"

Business Profile

I joined Maypole six years ago, with over 25 years experience gained from working in the wholesale, import and distribution sector. My first role within the Maypole group was as a general manager responsible for the management and coordination of our retail outlets, the number of which has since grown, and is expected to increase in the future, to give a better and easily-accessible service to our clients. When I started, we operated 14 retail outlets, and now we currently have 28 outlets in operation.

Presently I am the Chief Retail Officer, which involves ensuring that in all Maypole outlets the high-quality standards, of our home-baked products and the wide range of other necessary items for our customers are maintained and where possible improved on a daily basis. We want to ensure that once a customer enters a Maypole shop, the level of service and range of products on offer is uniform across the board. Hence, we value with great importance the input and feedback we receive from our clients, whom we consider to be the main focus of our operations.

Success in this field requires the team to be on the ball all the time, with internal communications being key to the successful implementation and maintenance of all our initiatives, both new and existing ones.

We are constantly thinking, creating and carrying out innovative ideas to adapt to the local ever-changing market circumstances, such as the COVID crisis. We are proud to say that we have shown the ability to rapidly respond to situations that would otherwise could have had negative impact on our business, and therefore on our customers. Turning challenges into opportunities has become the order of the day.

My personal life revolves around my family, who are my everything. I aim to teach my children the values and principles that have guided me throughout my whole life and as always, I try to lead by example, wherever I go and in whatever I do.

Business Activities


    • 1992-2016: General Manager - Wholesale section, Model Toys Ltd



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