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Invent 3D Ltd


Invent 3D Ltd


"Additive manufacturing is the next industrial revolution"

Business Profile

After obtaining a Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering in 2016, I achieved a Master’s in Integrated Product Development in 2019. My passion for additive manufacturing was ignited at Toly, where I spent two years as an Innovation Engineer under James Attard Kingswell. My time at Toly saw me pushing the 3D Printing agenda in projects and investments in technology, which I then carried on to our start-up, Invent 3D Ltd. I believe that 3D Printing is to be the next industrial revolution. 3D Printing itself is not innovative – knowing the applications possible is where the innovation lies. That is where I believe we are ahead of the curve. Our applications are pushing mass manufacturing, growing print farms and designer products. Some see additive manufacturing as just a toy or prototyping tool. I believe it brings mass customisation to the general consumer, with zero tooling costs and lead time.

Business Activities


  • 2016-2018: Innovation Engineer, Toly Products


  • Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master’s in Integrated Product Development


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