Rebecca Bonnici

Chief Executive Officer




Kercem, Gozo & St. Paul’s Bay

"Carpe Diem."

Business Profile

Since 1997, I have been deeply immersed in the field of teaching English as a Second Language in Malta. It has become more than just a profession for me; it is a genuine passion. My journey in English language instruction began by working with some of the largest international chain schools, where I gained valuable experience and honed my teaching skills. However, my career took a pivotal turn when I joined my father's school. Following his retirement, I dedicated myself to not only maintaining but also expanding the institution he had established. Combining my passion for teaching English with my entrepreneurial spirit, I have strived to create an educational environment that offers excellence in language instruction while fostering personal growth and cultural exchange. With an extensive background in the ESL sector and a genuine commitment to enhancing language education, I am excited to continue my journey as an educator and continue expanding the reach and impact of BELS..

Business Activities

  • FELTOM Chairperson
  • Chamber of Commerce – Tourism Business Section Committee Member



    • Cambridge DELTA – Level 7 qualification in Teaching English as a Second Language
    • Bachelor in Communications – University of Malta


      Official Partners

      • Trade Malta
      • Fino
      • GO Business
      • Imovo
      • Malta Enterprise
      • WFDM
      • St James Hospital
      • Harvest
      • Dea Aesthetics
      • Intercomp
      • European Commission
      • Malta Business Registry
      • CF Estates
      • Agilis
      • ICON
      • Agora
      • Bureau Vallee
      • Apex Group Ltd
      • Exereco
      • Arkafort
      • Excel Homes
      • Lidion Bank
      • Melita Marine
      • TNT
      • Sparkasse Bank
      • Dimech Enterprises
      • Laferla
      • FCM Bank
      • Hi-Care Services