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Chief Marketing Officer

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Business Profile

Over the years, I worked as a Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate, telecommunications, automotive and gaming industries. I joined Zanzi Homes in December 2021, as the Chief Marketing Officer of the Group, and am responsible for developing new marketing strategies, generating new business leads, and overseeing the marketing department staff. Proven in my ability and with past real estate experience to drive innovation and efficiency in all aspects of marketing communications, my aim is always to utilise all relevant channels to reach out to potential customers by making sound decisions that consistently deliver results. In addition, my marketing career in the real estate industry has taught me that it is crucial to have a comprehensive online presence as it helps build confidence in the brand. I also believe that supporting all leaders and managers in promoting their franchise offices is a huge contribution towards achieving the company’s goals. Although each office operates independently, as part of head office management, we support all offices in reaching their targets. Believing that marketing is both an art and a science, I have found that the perfect marketing strategy in all sorts of industries balances creativity and analysis, data, emotions and logic. As I continue to thrive in my career, I have also learnt that good marketing helps to make the company look smart, but great marketing helps to make the customer feel smart.

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