Melita is a leading local provider of next generation broadband, fixed and wireless connectivity services, offering nationwide gigabit internet, 5G mobile and NB-IoT networks. It also owns and operates Malta’s only purpose-built data centre facility.

Through an advanced, converged nationwide network, it serves the growing telecommunication needs of small and large businesses, and “lead the way” in the fibre internet, TV and mobile consumer markets. Melita provides high-quality international connectivity to the island’s business sector through redundant submarine fibre cables and Milan-based peering capabilities.

The company started back in 1992, and today describes itself as setting “the standard for digital technologies in Malta and provide services to more than 75 per cent of Maltese households”.

Director of Sales: Kevin Borg

Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs: Gertrude Borg Micallef

Head of Customer Experience: Graziella Costa

Director of Business Services: Malcolm Briffa

Head of Marketing: Mireille Muscat

Chief Executive Officer: Harald Roesch

Chief Technology Officer: Simon Montanaro

Chief Financial Officer: Randolph Said

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