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Corporate & Fiduciary Services

Yakof Agius & Associates


"Nitor In adversum"

Business Profile

Focusing on residence & citizenship by investment since 2014, I redesigned the due diligence process for the Malta Individual Investor Program, which became recognised as the industry's gold standard for due diligence processes. I authored the 3rd edition of the Malta citizenship by investment program handbook, and produced the industry's first risk assessment framework.

In 2018 I founded CIVIQUO, the Investment Migration Platform which helps people to find their next residence or citizenship destination, and in 2020 I established Yakof Agius & Associates, which is a specialist consultancy firm that services governments, firms, and a limited number of direct clients. In 2022, the firm was officially appointed as a consultant for a citizenship by investment program.

Throught my career, I have always sought to design and implement innovative and effective solutions which maximise efficiency. I am keen on projects which have a lasting positive impact on society or the environment.

Business Activities

  • Founder, Yakof Agius & Associates
  • Co-Founder, Grand Harbour Exclusive
  • Founder and CEO, CIVIQUO


  • 2014-2017: Managing Partner, Henley & Partners
  • 2017-2018: Chief Officer - Risk & Compliance, Malta Individual Investor Program Agency,


  • Worked in IT before going into banking. Worked for HSBC UK from 2006 until 2012, after which I joined an international residence and citizenship planning firm. During this time, my academic achievements include:
  • Neuroscience-based behavioural assessment, PRISM Practitioner, PRISM Brain Mapping
  • Aspects of Civil Law & Practice, University of Malta
  • Certifications in AML/CFT, LEAD Training Services
  • MSc in Leadership and Organisational Behaviour, Dublin City University


  • Member, International Trade Council
  • Associate Member (Centre for Evidence-Based Management, CEBMa)

Official Partners

  • Trade Malta
  • Fino
  • GO Business
  • Imovo
  • Malta Enterprise
  • WFDM
  • St James Hospital
  • Dea Aesthetics
  • Tech.mt
  • Intercomp
  • European Commission
  • Malta Business Registry
  • CF Estates
  • Agilis
  • ICON
  • Agora
  • Bureau Vallee
  • Apex Group Ltd
  • Exereco
  • Arkafort
  • Excel Homes
  • Lidion Bank
  • Melita Marine
  • TNT
  • Sparkasse Bank
  • Dimech Enterprises
  • Laferla
  • FCM Bank
  • Hi-Care Services