Patrick Vella

Chief, Policy and Planning

Malta Communications Authority

Public Entity
Public Entity

Malta Communications Authority


"Embrace change, but not at the expense of compromising principles"

Business Profile

A seasoned change-management professional who has successfully straddled various management roles within various sectors, I have extensive experience in public sector reform, starting with the Public Service Reform Commission, which charted the way for a modern public sector. Following a stint within the private sector, I was lured back to the public sector in a finance and admin role within the Government’s public service reform entity, the MSU (now MITA) with a staff complement of 400 circa, overseeing annual budgets of around Lm8 million (circa €20 million). Thereafter, I carried out public service management consultancy within the Government’s Management and Efficiency Unit, notably co-drafting Malta’s first e-Government strategy in 2000, which laid the foundation for eGovernment services.

I joined the Malta Communications Authority in 2001 and was responsible for setting up and subsequently managing the strategic/business planning/performance measurement function within the Authority. I also set up, and currently manage, the competition analysis of electronic communications and postal markets. Periodically, I have been entrusted with the management of ‘ad hoc’ strategic projects, notable examples being:

• The setting up of the electronic communications authorisation framework in the newly liberalised regulatory environment (2003)

• The setting up of the postal sector regulatory framework (2004),

• Digital TV transmission policy (2005/2007),

• The Terrestrial Television digital switchover (2011),

• The postal regulatory framework review (2012/2013),

• The transposition of the EU Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (2015/6) and

• The transposition of the European Electronic Communications Code (2020/21).

I am also the Malta representative on the European Commission's Communications Committee (COCOM).

Business Activities


  • 1978-1987: Supplies and Contracts Manager, Water Works Department
  • 1987-1989: Research Officer, Public Service Reform Commission, Office of the Prime Minister
  • 1989-1993: General Manager, TSS Ltd (Bortex Group)
  • 1993-1997: Group Manager Finance and Administration, Management Systems Unit (now MITA)
  • 1997-2001: Senior Management Consultant, Management Efficiency Unit (Office of the Prime Minister)
  • 2001-Present: Chief, Policy and Planning, Malta Communications Authority


  • BA (Hons) Public Administration, University of Malta


Official Partners

  • Trade Malta
  • OZO
  • Fino
  • GO Business
  • Laferla Insurance
  • St James Hospital
  • HSBC
  • Elcol
  • Convenience
  • MTA
  • PTL
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