Joshua Aquilina

Training & Development Consultant, Warranted Counselling Psychologist, and Executive Coach

PsyPotential Ltd

Management Consultancy
Management Consultancy

PsyPotential Ltd


"I strongly believe that people can change, improve, develop, and emerge from even the direst situations if they have enough will, desire, and support."

Business Profile

I am a Warranted Counselling Psychologist, Training & Development Consultant, and Executive Coach working with PsyPotential. I have a vast number of years of experience leading groups, lecturing, and doing assessments, psychotherapy and supervision as a warranted psychologist. Having over four years of experience forming part of a senior management team, I lead operations, various teams and chaired service review and multi-disciplinary team meetings. My work experience is mainly in the social and education sectors, but I especially look forward to applying my knowledge and experience to the workplace through my work with PsyPotential by supporting organisations through working with their staff to better their awareness, development, teamwork and team relations, and helping individuals improve their coachable skills to reach their full potential.

Business Activities

  • 2012-Present: Warranted Counselling Psychologist, conducting psychological assessment and psychotherapy with adolescents and adults privately. Also presenting in conferences and leading seminars and conducting group psychotherapy
  • 2014-Present: Visiting Lecturer and Supervisor at Department of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Department of Youth and Community Studies, and Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of Malta


  • 2007-2011, 2013: Therapeutic Facilitator, Caritas Malta
  • 2013: Assistant Psychologist, Ministry for Health
  • 2013-2019: Counselling Services Professional, University of Malta
  • 2019-2023: Managing Psychologist (Clinical Coordinator), Caritas Malta


  • 2004-2007: Bachelor of Psychology, University of Malta
  • 2010-2012: Master of Counselling Psychology, University of Malta


Official Partners

  • Trade Malta
  • Fino
  • GO Business
  • Imovo
  • Malta Enterprise
  • WFDM
  • St James Hospital
  • Harvest
  • Intercomp
  • Malta Business Registry
  • CF Estates
  • Agilis
  • ICON
  • Agora
  • Bureau Vallee
  • Apex Group Ltd
  • Exereco
  • Excel Homes
  • Lidion Bank
  • Melita Marine
  • TNT
  • Laferla
  • FCM Bank
  • Hi-Care Services