Christopher Rizzo

Sales Manager - Scientific Business Unit

Technoline Ltd


Technoline Ltd


"In the realm of sales, there is no better sales technique than building an honest and trustworthy business rapport with your clients. "

Business Profile

In my capacity as Sales Manager for Technoline Ltd's Scientific Business Unit, I leverage over 25 years of varied experience within the Life Sciences Industry. Commencing my journey with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Malta in 1994, I swiftly transitioned into the realm of sales, embarking on a dynamic career trajectory characterised by a multitude of roles and responsibilities.

In 2011, after several years within the pharmaceutical domain, I made the pivotal move to Technoline Ltd as a Sales Consultant, entrusted with overseeing the in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) portfolio. Capitalising on the firm's robust organisational infrastructure and strategic alliances with premier international brands, I successfully expanded the department's operations, consistently surpassing set benchmarks. My tenure at Technoline has been marked by continuous growth and achievement. In 2017, I was appointed Sales Manager for the Scientific Business Unit, a testament to the company’s trust in my capabilities. In this capacity, my role revolves around optimising performance to foster further expansion while upholding our steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. This entails prioritising a customer-centric approach, offering cutting-edge solutions, and delivering comprehensive after-sales technical support, thus ensuring unparalleled service excellence within the dynamic Life Sciences sector.

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