Founded over 100 years ago, Mizzi Organisation is a conglomerate of companies involved in various sectors, the main ones being Automotive, Beverage, Engineering, F&B, Hospitality, Real Estate and Retail.

The Mizzi family has been a leader in the different sectors where the Group operates, and continuously aims to strengthen its position among the leading organisations in Malta in terms of revenue and profitability, seeking new opportunities while consolidating and growing its existing network of business units.

The Group wants to position itself as the employer of choice for the 1,200 people it employs, and for any future recruitment. As a Group we invest in training and developing our human resources, while endeavoring to delight our customers with excellence in quality, speed, reliability, dependability and value for money.

The Group is also involved in other industries through associated companies or minority shareholding and is always seeking to invest in new ventures to fit in the Group portfolio.

The Board of Directors is actively involved in the running of the Group with each member contributing according to their experience and knowledge within the sectors concerned. Led by an independent chairman, the Group adopts the highest standards of governance, which is critical to position the Mizzi Organisation as one of the leading family businesses in Malta.

Group CFO: Nicky Camilleri

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