Beloved boutique café and experts in the art of chocolate, Sunday in Scotland, is officially coming to Sliema, as revealed by a banner displayed outside its upcoming Sliema location.

The new boutique, located at The Strand, Sliema, next door to Matalan, is currently under construction. has reached out to the company to understand when it plans to open and is awaiting reply.

The business was founded by Amer Wahoud and G. Campbell Gray and was first brought to Malta in 2018 via its Valletta location. In fact, the founders used Malta to launch the chocolate brand entirely, with the Valletta location being the first of its kind globally.

According to the company’s website, there are plans to open two locations in the UK (London and Edinburgh) and a further two in Germany (Berlin and Hamburg).

In addition, Sunday in Scotland’s origins story says that Mr Wahoud had dreamed all his life of creating a bespoke chocolate brand, giving it its unique name as a nod to a fateful afternoon he spent with his soon-to-be business partner.

The story goes that the pair, while walking on a windswept beach in the Scottish Highlands on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of summer, were casually observing how much they would enjoy a cup of steaming hot chocolate at that very moment. And so, the name eventually came to be.

The brand boasts an eco-conscious, zero-waste, handcrafted philosophy, and, locally, it can also be found in the departures section at Malta International Airport.

The Sliema location is poised to experience stiff competition, with Busy Bee having opened a café just a stones throw away late last year.

The bustling area is known for its high volume of foot traffic, however, being at the heart of one of Malta’s main retail districts.

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