As CEO of Prohealth, Peter Apap takes pride in leading an energetic and skilled team of professionals, across all levels of the company, who share a profound passion for their work.

“Together, we are committed to continue fuelling continued growth and diversification of the company within the Healthcare sector,” he tells

Upon obtaining his Pharmacy degree in 1991, Peter acquired valuable expertise by working in different settings, including a public hospital in-patient environment, and some time in private pharmacies, followed by a few years working in the sphere of sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals locally.

“Together with John Jaccarini and Andrew Paris, we established Prohealth back in 1995. Over the past 29 years, we have successfully positioned ourselves in the fields of the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic market in Malta and Libya.

“In more recent years, we strengthened our presence in the medical devices market, leading to the recent acquisition of TrioMed Ltd, a leader in medical equipment and digital health technology.”

Appointed as CEO by the board at the end of 2016, Peter eagerly anticipates navigating the different challenges of the fast-changing current business landscape, working alongside the company’s dedicated team to achieve its 2025 Vision objectives.

At Prohealth, he leads a strong team of professionals at every level who, he points out, are passionate about what they do to drive further the development of the company.

The company has been handling the promotion and sales of dermo-cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare-related products in Libya since 2004. It is also in the process of exploring new opportunities in other African markets.

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