Throughout her 25 years working in the banking sector, Maria Spiteri gained a lot of experience in customer service, always with the aim of seeing a customer happy. She served as a Home Loan Manager, which helped her a lot when she joined Dhalia Real Estate Services two years ago.

“Thanks to all those years of experience, I was able to help many customers who were after a loan to purchase their property. Since joining Dhalia, I have learned a lot, managed to sell a considerable amount of properties and can confidently say that all my customers ended up satisfied,” she says.

Ms Spiteri considers herself to be a very positive and proactive person, always looking forward to meeting people and new challenges.

At Dhalia, she was provided with the opportunity to obtain her Real Estate Agent Certificate, with the aim of obtaining the licence inhouse. “This, along with the continuous training, helped me achieve very good results,” she explains.

She won a Certificate of Excellence for results achieved and also an award as a Digital Brand Ambassador for the year 2020.

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