Maria Cauchi Delia is the CEO of the Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA), the only recognised professional accountancy organisation in Malta.

Its remit is to be a thought-leader for the profession and a key stakeholder for the local economy and the international fora in which it participates.

“We live in challenging times when the role of accountants and auditors is in state of constant change due to regulatory, technological, environmental and economic pressures,” Ms Cauchi Delia tells

“Consequently, leading the Institute implies simultaneous involvement in various fora and projects.”

She shares her view that the Institute’s vision on the future role of the profession needs to be continuously developed and communicated whilst keeping in mind a dynamic Maltese economy and society, an evolving European Union model and global trade scenarios.

“It also means zooming in on specific issues of local interest, such as contributing towards Malta’s exit from the FATF greylist or providing input in the implementation of a holistic financial services strategy for Malta.”

Here, Ms Cauchi Delia adds that it also involves ongoing educational campaigns concerning the attractiveness of the profession; listening to complaints and suggestions by the Institute’s members and other stakeholders; and drafting of guidance and provision of input to technical consultations.

Her 10 years at the MIA form part of her career in the profession. As a Certified Public Accountant, she has broad experience in the public and private sectors and has served in organisations both locally and abroad.

Ms Cauchi Delia seeks to share her leadership experience through her daily interactions with the MIA team as well as with members.

“I am a genuine believer that effective leadership in an organisation can bolster and promote teamwork, while cultivating a sense of greater good, motivate, inspire trust, and ultimately lead to success.

In this process, I seek to constantly promote innovation, both internally but also with our stakeholders. Many times, the solutions required to overcome the toughest of obstacles are not solely found in the adaptation of existing practices, but rather through outside-the-box thinking which challenges the way things have always been done.”

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