Gradually climbing up the ranks, moving through IT, finance, marketing and business development, Noel Zammit was appointed CEO of Heritage Malta in 2017.

“Software engineering skills and national heritage are rarely uttered in the same sentence. However, as CEO for Malta’s national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage, I find myself relying on my extensive experience in the former to improve and promote the latter,” he explains.

Mr Zammit’s professional career as software engineer began in Malta and continued in the United Kingdom, where he provided development solutions to multinationals, giving them a competitive edge in their respective sectors. Eventually, he returned to Malta, working within the Malta Centre for Restoration until it was ultimately absorbed by Heritage Malta.

“In my few years in this role, I have pooled my knowledge and experience, spanning over two decades, to lead a massive internal cultural shift within Heritage Malta, through careful restructuring, rebranding and strategic alignment. Heritage Malta clients and observers have surely noticed our focus on digitisation and market presence of our cultural heritage, not just as a way of remaining accessible through COVID-19 or to ensure long term sustainability but also as a way of preserving our heritage and living up to our motto: ensuring a future to our past,” Mr Zammit asserts.

Set up by virtue of the Cultural Heritage Act, which was enacted in 2002, the national agency replaced the former Museums Department. Apart from seeking to provide its various audiences with an enhanced experience during visits to the sites and museums, the agency has special educational programmes targeting children of different age groups as part of organised school visits.

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