A warranted lawyer with a doctorate (LLD) from the University of Malta and a Law Master’s Degree (LLM) from the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, Justine Scerri Herrera started her legal career in the courtroom as a Criminal Litigator but quickly moved on to work in the corporate world, gaining experience in other sectors, namely the fintech, financial services and investment services sector/capital markets.

She set up MK Fintech, where she now serves in a Managing Director role, as part of an arm of top-tier legal and advisory firm, Michael Kyprianou Group. In its first year of operarations, she proceeded to obtain a regulatory licence for the entity then in its second nearly doubled revenues.

“I thrive in challenging situations and value customer satisfaction in my core,” she explains, adding: “Together with my excellent knowledge-thirsty and driven professional team I am always looking for ways to push boundaries!”

Her other specialties include in cryptocurrency, and she has advised and project managed complex million dollar projects such as security token offerings, obtained an MFSA EMI licence for one of the largest gaming companies in the world.

She has also spoken at the some of the most prestigious global events, where she shared the stage with other big names like SWIFT and Mastercard.

On her philosophy, she shares: “I believe that success lies in doing away with micromanagement and authoritative ways. I give my team choice in how and where to work and drive them to think and be creative.

“The key to a successful business is to value your employees and part of this is to give them freedom at work. This will result in them giving you what you expect and more, and consequently keeps clients happy and the business growing.”

Get in touch: justine.scerriherrera@kyprianou.com

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