“As Chairman of the Malta Tourism Authority, I strive to promote the Maltese islands as an ideal tourist destination. My duties also include overseeing the regulation of tourism services and operations,” Gavin Gulia explains.

A lawyer by profession, he is a former Parliamentary Secretary for the Self-Employed and a former Justice Minister.

Dr Gulia is also Honorary President of St Philip Band Club, Żebbuġ, and of Żebbuġ FC.

The Malta Tourism Authority was formally set up by the Malta Travel and Tourism Service Act of 1999, which clearly defines its role, extending it beyond that of international marketing to include a domestic, motivating, directional, coordinating and regulatory function. The law also strengthens the public and private partnership in tourism through greater and more direct participation by the private sector in national planning and development of the industry.

The Malta Tourism Authority’s mission is to advance the economic and social activity of tourism in the national interest by working with all stakeholders to develop a sustainable industry for current and future generations.

Its vision is to achieve a healthy, sustainable and equitable tourism, attracting regular inflows of quality visitors throughout the year from a diverse range of source markets while ensuring tourists are served with professionalism and care.

Get in touch: gavin.gulia@visitmalta.com

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