The Shoreline Mall is set to be open at Smart City to the public by September of this year, a spokesperson for parent company Shoreline Holdings Ltd has confirmed to

On the other hand, the target date for the completion of the project, including The Shoreline’s residences, is at the end of 2023.

The Shoreline is a new development located in Smart City, that will be made up of a retail mall housing around 44 different outlets across two double-height levels, as well as 330 residential units spread across eight blocks. Apart from the outlets, the mall will also contain restaurants and various kiosks, together with three levels of underground parking.

The Shoreline

The Shoreline Mall's interior at its current stage of development

The development’s relatively detached location is one of its “main attractions”, the spokesperson said, in response to claims that it might be “too out of the way” when compared to other retail locations.

“The attraction is that there aren’t many roads, no noise and no pollution, while there are great sea views and clean air in a well-lit area that is spacious, and most of all provides comfort. That is luxury, not one sitting on top of another in a concrete jungle,” they stated.

Additionally, the number of brands located in the mall will be a pull-factor for those questioning whether they should make the trip to Smart City. It was further said that the development is fully leased out, and will be a breath of fresh air for residents in Malta’s southern region.

Last month, Maltese retail giants Bigbon Group reached an agreement with Shoreline Mall plc, the company overseeing the retail part of the project, for the lease of five retail spaces within the mall. There it will be showcasing clothing brands Bershka, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, Oysho, and Massimo Dutti.

“Here we gave them the opportunity to open a store as it should be... as a flagship. This was also done with a number of other brands and companies that wanted the opportunity to have their own flagship store, which will contribute a large part to the development’s experience,” they continued.


The view of the whole development from The Shoreline Mall's entrance

Several other leading retailers have signed lease agreements and plan to open a wide array of flagship stores.

The spokesperson also added that the developers have worked extensively and focused on the “common areas, lighting, space, comfort, food, and also entertainment”, to provide a “completely new experience” to Malta’s southern region.

They reaffirmed that The Shoreline’s location will be of benefit to customers, given that as opposed to heavily congested areas in other parts of Malta that are well-known for retail, such as Sliema, St Julian’s, Paola and Valletta, clients will be able to access the mall “with ease”. Additionally, public transport accessibility will be easy.

“There will also be travelators, so that if one buys items that are quite bulky from one of the stores, they know that they can bring them down on a trolley on a travelator directly to their cars,” they said.


The Shoreline Mall's glass atrium at its current stage of development

This will be coupled with “direct access” to the supermarket located on the first level of the underground car park, where people will be able to “park their cars, get a trolley, make their purchases, and then drive directly outside with ease”.

In addition to this, the spokesperson revealed that one of the development’s primary points of attraction will be Gravity, an entertainment spot that includes a trampoline park, arcade games, rock-climbing activities, and also a free-fall activity. This will be the “largest indoor active entertainment centre” on the island. The centre will be able to host birthday parties and other events for children.

“We hope that when children bring their parents to The Shoreline for Gravity, the mix that we will provide will allow them to also enjoy exploring the development both inside and outside, spending their day in comfort and having fun,” they added.


The Shoreline Mall's outlets at their current stage of development

The spokesperson stated that the development has been “very well received” from the business community so far, before adding that the general public’s response can only be gauged once the development opens.

“We believe that we are providing a product that is very good and we are proud of providing it in Malta’s southern region. We expect the people in the surrounding area to be very happy that they will have such an experience which is so close to them, as such projects are normally taken to areas like St Julian’s and Sliema. We expect the results to speak for themselves,” they concluded.

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The Shoreline as seen from the other side of Smart City's fountain

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