Veteran journalist, Reno Bugeja, who worked at TVM for 44 years, has been appointed as chairman of Malta’s first Media Literacy Development Board.

The Media Literacy Development Board was announced by Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela, under the powers of the Broadcasting Law Act which was amended by Parliament after a discussion on the implementation of the European Directive on Audiovisual Media.

Mr Bugeja is a much-renowned figure in the media sector where he served seven years as head of the news section at TVM and as editor of the national station.

His name remains synonymous with the production of TV shows, including his current affairs program, DISSETT.

The board will consist of a number of media experts and in consultation with the Broadcasting Authority and other governmental entities and has the aim of drawing up a plan, promoting and taking any measures to ensure the development of literacy skills in the media field.

The panel will also ensure that measures are put in place to ensure that citizens have advanced media literacy skills and that they have access to information to use, access and create content securely and responsibly.

It also aims to ensure that the measures taken are not only limited to learning about tools and technologies but must ensure that citizens can exercise the power of judgment, analyse complex realities as well as distinguishing between opinion and facts.

Board members have been appointed for a term of three years.

Joining Mr Bugeja as members of the board will be: Joanna Spiteri, Clare Agius, Claudia Cuschieri, Daniela Attard Bezzina, Michela Cutajar, Ben Camille, Grazio Grixti, Karl Parnis, Patrick Camilleri, Peppi Azzopardi, Saviour Chircop, Alexia Debono

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