Joseph Camilleri

Executive Head - Business Generation and Support - Wealth Management

Bank of Valletta plc


Bank of Valletta plc

Santa Venera

Business Profile

I am the Executive Head of the Business Generation & Support Unit within Wealth Management at Bank of Valletta plc. I am responsible for business development across all sectors falling under the division, including amongst others Bank Assurance, Stockbroking, Private Wealth, and the Bank's subsidiaries: BOV Asset Management and BOV Fund Services. Prior to this, I occupied the role of Executive Head responsible for BOV Asset Management, the UCITS fund management arm of the Bank of Valletta Group, with Assets Under Management of around €1 billion, spread over 17 investment funds investing in various asset classes and in different markets worldwide. I have extensive experience in the investments industry, having worked in the financial sector for over 30 years. During this time I have also occupied various other managerial positions within Bank of Valletta Group, Malta’s leading banking group, in personal lending, corporate lending, and as the representative office manager at the Group's Milan office, amongst others. For more than 10 years, I also occupied the role of Executive Head responsible for Business Development & Corporate Services at BOV Fund Services, where I assisted fund managers and fund promoters from various domiciles in successfully structuring their retail and alternative funds in Malta, as well as in running their asset management operations from the island. I continue to be very active in promoting Malta as an ideal jurisdiction for alternative funds, and regularly participate in various events throughout Europe, sitting on panels at conferences and hosting informative presentations.

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