Farsons Group CEO Norman Aquilina has called for an optimistic and determined approach to 2021 as he noted the opportunities the pandemic “paradoxically” brought with it.

In a statement released to the Group’s LinkedIn, Farsons called 2020 “a challenging yet empowering year”.

Mr Aquilina said, “In spite of all the woes that the pandemic has brought about, it paradoxically also opened up some opportunities. This stems from my firm belief on the need to see opportunity in every scenario.”

He continued, “It has been a year during which we were all called to make an extraordinary effort during unprecedented times, where we have broadly supported each other and collectively responded well.”

“While expressing my gratitude, let us now all look ahead to the new year with added optimism, stronger determination and, of course, good health to all.”

Farsons had a difficult year as consumption of its beer and other drinks fell precipitously thanks to the closure of bars and cancellation of events along with the over 90 per cent drop in tourist arrivals, with Farsons Group Chairman Louis A. Farrugia calling the pandemic the Group's "biggest challenge since World War II".

Thanks to cost cutting measures, the Group was nonetheless able to turn a profit in the first six months of its financial year to 31st July.

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