Seasoned lawyer Josef Cachia Fenech Gonzi has launched his own boutique law firm under the name Cachia Fenech Gonzi Advocates, he confirmed while speaking to

Dr Cachia Fenech Gonzi became self-employed in April after eight-years at professional services firm KSi Malta, during which time he worked as Legal Advisor and Head of Legal. While the website for Cachia Fenech Gonzi Advocates has not fully launched yet, the company has commenced operations.

When asked what motivated him to start his own business rather than join a more established organisation, he simply replied “because it’s yours”.

“You have your own clients, they respect you more and there is more personal contact with them. It is much more satisfying in the end to help your clients than those of someone else,” Dr Cachia Fenech Gonzi added.

“I feel much more driven to work on something that’s my own,” he concluded.

Dr Cachia Fenech Gonzi announced the firm’s launch on Wednesday, and specialises in corporate law, financial services, data protection, regulatory compliance, and general commercial law.

Through its local partners, associated firms, consultants and practitioners, Cachia Fenech Gonzi Advocates seeks to meet all of its “client’s needs, be that legal, accounting, tax and general business consultancy to ensure that we can deliver on our clients’ requests at the highest level of professional standards”.

Apart from his time at KSi Malta, Dr Cachia Fenech Gonzi served in a number of other roles at other companies, including Legal Counsel at messaging firm Fortytwo Corporate Services and Lawyer at law firm City Legal.

Among his extensive portfolio of qualifications, he holds a Doctor of Laws (LLD) in Legal and a Master of Arts in Financial Services, both from University of Malta.

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