Malta Federation of Professional Associations has celebrated its 50th birthday.

The association, which comprises 17 professional organisations, representing approximately 10,000 professionals in Malta, was set up on 19th February 1971, as the Malta Federation of Professional Bodies.

The organisation was set up with four main aims and objectives, that it says are still valid today:

  • To promote different professions
  • To maintain professional standards
  • To promote inter-professional relationships
  • To contribute towards the advancement of the interests of society

For the past 17 years, the MFPA has been involved at the European level through its membership within the European Council of the Liberal Professions (CEPLIS).

It has contributed to various programmes such as the publication of the Common Values for Professionals.

Reflecting on its achievements, the association revealed the impact of the University of Malta, saying, "with the introduction of more courses at the University of Malta, the professional population in Malta increased, more professional organisations were established and hence the Federation started attracting more members."

The current President of MFPA, Roberta Farrugia Debono, believes it has a very important role in society.

She sees its main role to be the voice of the liberal professional in civil society, saying, “it has also the role of putting on the national agenda issues that are of interest both to the professionals themselves as well as the persons who avail themselves of the services of the professional.

“It promotes good ethical practice at the basis of what constitutes the work of a professional,” she continued. 

Throughout its 50th anniversary year, the MFPA will be holding various activities and events to increase its visibility.

In recent years it has embarked on two different projects: “The Needs of the Professional in Gozo”, funded by Gozo NGO scheme, and “Professional Ethics: Safeguarding the service to the consumer”, funded by the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme.

The current members of the association are:

The member organisations comprising the Federation are:

Association of Podiatrists of Malta (APM)

Association of Speech-Language Pathologists (ASLP)

Chamber of Engineers (CoE)

Dental Association of Malta (DAM)

Kamra tal-Periti (KTP)

Malta Association of Occupational Therapists (MAOT)

Malta Association of Physiotherapists (MAP)

Malta Association of Professional Conservators and Restorers (MAPCo-Re)

Malta Association of Social Workers (MASW)

Malta Association for the Counselling Profession (MACP)

Malta Chamber of Pharmacists (MCOP)

Malta Chamber of Psychologists (MCP)

Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA)

Malta Veterinary Association (MVA)

Maltese Association of Youth Workers (MAY)

Medical Association of Malta (MAM)

Society of Medical Radiographers Malta (SRM)

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