Valletta’s Firm George Zammit, best known as Tal-Ħwawar, has reopened in a new location in the capital, just a few months after its Owner Johann Farrugia announced that the original store will close down.

The news was announced on Saturday on social media, where it was revealed that it is reopening on Monday (today), “just in time” for people’s Easter cooking needs.

Mr Farrugia, who has managed the store for over 40 years, revealed to last November that he was planning to shut up shop for good, stating that old stores are being “pushed” away from Valletta. Tal-Ħwawar, which has been open since 1888, has become a staple in the capital, not only for its wide range of spices and products available for purchase, but also because of its links to Valletta’s past.

Johann Farrugia

Tal-Ħwawar Owner Johann Farrugia / Inigo Taylor

He had also voiced his disapproval of the way that Valletta is changing, in terms of a lack of support being shown towards smaller shops, while bars and restaurants continue to become more prominent across the city.

Despite this, Mr Farrugia had hinted towards possibly reopening in a new location, given he was born in Valletta and has worked there for 45 years. His aim was always to open in a new spot in Valletta, “with a new perspective, possibly coffee and herbs, and a new story”.

His dream seems to have quickly been accomplished, as after closing down the previous store, Mr Farrugia “was encouraged to keep up the business a little longer”, after customers were left shocked and disappointed by the news of the closing.


Tal-Hwawar's new store's interior / Facebook

The new store, located on St Christopher Street, on the corner to St Paul’s Street, in Valletta, has a fresh interior, yet features the same sign and branding as the original store, which was in St John Street, also on the corner to St Paul’s Street.

The reopening was met with a positive response on social media, with many congratulating Mr Farrugia on the store's beauty and "inviting atmosphere", with some even stating that it is “even better than the old shop”.

“Well done for remaining true to traditions Johann (Mr Farrugia), what beauty! This is what should be the case in our city,” one commentor said.

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Tal-Ħwawar / Facebook

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