“I have extensive experience in the internationalisation process and creation of international partnerships. In addition, I am experienced in the sector of renewable energies, energy efficiencies and water management,” Daniele Rosa says.

WES Trade Ltd, which was founded in Malta in 2014, is dedicated to the provision of technical and commercial internationalisation services in a number of sectors. It is involved in defence, maritime and homeland security; smart city solutions, energy and water efficiency; logistic support services, engineering and civil construction; green solutions for environment and agri-food; airport and transportation as well as ICT and cybersecurity solutions.

Due to its collaboration and partnership with universities, research centres and innovation start-ups, the company is very active in research and development activities in the sectors in which it operates.

WES Trade Ltd is a member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

Get in touch: d.rosa@westradeltd.com

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