Lidion Bank is establishing itself in the financial services landscape as it shapes itself as a leader in providing financial products to the digital space, with a keen focus on digital marketing, both locally as well as on the international stage.

Edward Bonello sat down with Francesca Briffa Polidano, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, who explains how the bank seeks to make an otherwise burdensome process work in favour of the client, in a client-centric approach.

“Having a reliable partner, that a business can trust in all matters financial, will make all the difference, in the life of any enterprise,” Dr Briffa Polidano says, as she explains how Lidion Bank combines traditional banking principles with the latest in digital-driven solutions. “This allows us to provide a comprehensive suite of financial services across various industries, with a special focus on tech and digital advertising.”

Francesca Briffa Polidano

Formerly AgriBank, Malta-based, and MFSA-regulated Lidion Bank puts an accent on fostering robust client relationships in an increasingly regulated environment. “We all know how regulation is essential to the financial services sector, yet this can become burdensome on businesses who often can feel such requirements slowing them down. That is why we offer a different perspective to the entire process. In fact, rather than looking at it in a tick-box sort of fashion, we are dedicated to making regulation work in favour of the client, who will appreciate the approach in the long run.”

Francesca, a lawyer by profession, with the best part of a decades’ experience in the financial services sector, underscores the Bank's approach, highlighting the pivotal role of business relationship officers assigned to every customer.

“Unlike a one-size-fits-all model, Lidion Bank's strategy hinges on understanding each client's unique needs. Seasoned banking professionals spearhead this effort, as they meet each client individually to truly understand what their goals and ambitions are. In turn, they are supported by a secondary line of multidisciplinary professionals comprised of lawyers, risk officers, and IT experts amongst others. In this way, we ensure that clients receive a personal service, which is best suited to their requirements,” Dr Briffa Polidano explains.

Moreover, true to a 21st-century financial institution, the Bank is committed to render each part of the process as efficient and painless for the client as possible through the best and latest the tech world has to offer.

“Leveraging advanced technology, the Bank automates processes to enhance efficiency and reduce client burdens. In fact, central to Lidion Bank's operations is a continuous investment in technology, particularly in cloud-based solutions and cybersecurity. Targeting the broader digital market with a specific focus on digital advertising enterprises, the Bank ensures constant compliance and fortification against cyber threats. Naturally this brings with it its own risks, however, Lidion Bank remains vigilant, with dedicated professionals monitoring and mitigating potential threats in real-time.”

Locally, the Bank is focused on assisting both traditional industries, as well as the more recent entrants to the Maltese economy; industries which may sometimes struggle in finding a banking partner that understands their unique needs. iGaming, Yachting, Private Jet Charter and Travel related business, tech companies and startups are some of the industries for which the Bank provides bespoke products. The Bank also supports and enables a number of other Financial Institutions, such as EMIs and PSPs, that require specific banking products to cater for the complex world of financial services.

Francesca Briffa Polidano

Beyond its dedication to the client, Lidion Bank lays stress on its credentials as an employer of choice, engaging in an ethos of growth and opportunities for its people and ensuring that a strong work culture is present in all it does.

“Lidion Bank fosters a vibrant work culture which has allowed it to attract and retain young, dynamic professionals in all fields. We are proud to note how every effort is made to maintain a welcoming environment, with most of the staff, including the most senior C-suite officials, being young with a forward-looking frame of mind."

Furthermore, Francesca emphasises the inclusivity and flexibility within the organisation, citing her own experience as a working mother. “The Bank's drive towards being an exemplary employer, is underscored by a commitment to flexibility together with a host of concrete benefits. In fact, the Bank offers competitive remuneration packages, supplemented by opportunities for training and personal growth. This fosters a solid sense of belonging amongst staff members hailing from the most far-flung places on the globe,” Dr Briffa Polidano concludes.

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