The restaurateur behind the acclaimed Ali Baba restaurant in Gzira is opening a new eatery close by, this time focusing on Lebanese street food.

The eatery, which will provide takeaway and delivery, will feature staples like Lebanese shawarma, the Aleppo kebab, and a variety of salads, including tabbouleh, falafel and halloumi salad.

The finishing touches are already being put up, with Hany Harb, the owner, taking to LinkedIn on Sunday to post a photo showing the installation of the signage.

“Creating opportunities in times of crisis determines who you are,” he said.

“Our new concept will be opening in the few coming weeks… BABA Lebanese street food concept.”

In comments made to, Mr Harb said the menu will feature a burger section including his father’s famous 1987 burger, named after the year in which Ali Baba was opened, as well sujuk homemade sausage and various Lebanese sandwiches.

Asked about the company’s continuing investment in Gzira, Mr Harb said that initially, back in 1987, the main factor was the cost, although this has changed a lot.

“Property prices here were lower back then,” he said, “but nowadays Gzira is a place renowned for the gastronomic experiences it has to offer.”

He says that people come from all over Malta to eat in Gzira. “It’s easy to arrive to, being just off Regional Road, so it’s become a dining destination for everybody.”

And with Baba opening in the coming weeks, Gzira will soon have another gastronomic feather in its cap for locals and visitors to enjoy.

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