Vodafone Malta today unveiled its long-awaited rebranding to Epic.

The rebranding follows the buyout of Vodafone Malta by Monaco Telecom back in April.

Addressing an empty hall, CEO Tamas Banyai announced the new name and logo to mark a departure from the previous company.

He touted Vodafone’s position as Malta’s most recommended network and an international network which is second to none as providing a strong foundation for the future, before explaining the journey that saw the company bought out by Europe’s fastest-growing telecommunications company.

Monaco Telecom is majority-owned by entrepreneur Xavier Niel, through his company NJJ Holdings, who has invested heavily in telecommunications in the last few decades and also founded the world’s largest digital start up incubator. The Principality of Monaco owns the other 45 per cent. Both have an appetite for investment and innovation in high end investment.

“So we have shareholders who have a lot of experience in international markets,” said Mr Banyai, “but they also have a deep understanding of the specific needs of small states.”

“We believe small is beautiful and that Malta has great potential.”

He acknowledged that the last few months saw the world busy countering the impact of the pandemic, saying that the company was itself busy transforming itself to be ready for the future to help Malta unlock its potential.

Customers will benefit from an enhanced network of 175 partners across the world providing 4.5G access to Epic customers abroad.

As a majority of customers remain on top up plans, eschewing a contract in favour of freedom and choice, Epic will also offer unlimited data plans without the need of a two-year contract.

On the lower end of the scale, the €9.99 value top up will include better offers with more data and minutes to all networks.

Mr Banyai also announced that Epic will be moving into the home internet market, promising clients “the best connectivity and best solutions, not just on mobile”.

A new mobile app with a simplified user interface was also launched today.

Mr Banyai then turned to Malta’s business community with a guarantee that Epic will maintain the high standards Vodafone was known for.

“We want to be the best choice for the client.”

To that end the company will be introducing unlimited mobile plans for business.

Thanking the team who worked “with great passion” on the rebranding, Mr Banyai closed by saying, “We believe that Malta needs a telecom company that offers a state of the art network. We believe that Malta needs a telecom company that offers great value. And we believe that these two can be offered together, without one compromising the other.”

“By bringing great network and great value together, together, we are becoming Epic.”

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