Ganado Advocates on Monday announced the appointment of Lara Pace, Chiara Frendo, Philip Formosa, and Abigail Galea as Senior Associates across various areas.

This news comes as part of the law firm’s push to help its lawyers to continue to prosper and succeed through more active roles, following a number of promotions to key leadership positions earlier this month.

Lara Pace

Lara Pace / Ganado Advocates

Dr Pace forms part of Ganado Advocates’ employment team, being tasked with regularly assisting clients on legal and regulatory matters concerning the drafting of employment contracts and other legal documentation, among other issues. She also advises clients on general corporate and company law matters, as well as environmental law issues. She first joined the firm in 2013 as Advocate, and also held the position of Associate from 2016 up until her promotion. She holds a Doctor of Laws and a Bachelor of Laws, both from University of Malta, and also a Master of Laws in European Law from Bruges-based College of Europe.

Chiara Frendo

Chiara Frendo / Ganado Advocates

Dr Frendo is a Senior Associate within the firm’s litigation team, with a particular focus on dispute settlement in the financial services sector, where she assists clients with regards to contentious matters relating to regulatory and investor-related disputes. She joined as Advocate in 2014, before she was promoted to Associate in 2018. She holds a Doctor of Laws, a Diploma in Notary Public, and a Bachelor of Laws, all from University of Malta, as well as a Master of Laws in International Finance from King’s College London.

Philip Formosa

Philip Formosa / Ganado Advocates

Forming part of the intellectual property (IP) team, Dr Formosa is tasked with regularly assisting clients in IP-related matters, including providing assistance to those that are applying for and obtaining IP protection, brand protection, and also enforcement of IP rights, among other responsibilities. Since he joined the law firm as Advocate in 2015, he has assisted and guided a number of clients from various industries and market sectors, including insurance, banking, gaming, and real estate. He is a University of Malta graduate with a Doctor of Laws, a Diploma in Notary Public, and a Bachelor of Laws, and also holds a Master of Laws in IP Law from Queen Mary University of London.

Abigail Galea

Abigail Galea / Ganado Advocates

Dr Galea has been promoted from within Ganado Advocates’ trusts and foundations team. Since she first joined the firm in 2015, she has focused on the setting up of trusts and any trust law-related matter, along with providing assistance in estate planning issues. She holds a Doctor of Laws, a Diploma of Notary Public, and a Bachelor of Arts in Legal and Humanistic Studies, all from University of Malta. Dr Galea was also awarded a Foundation Certificate in Trusts Law and Management from the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners in 2012.

With roots in the early 20th century, Ganado Advocates has since become one of Malta’s “foremost law practices”, growing and adapting itself to meet the changing needs of international business and the legal community. It seeks to provide legal advisory services across a wide spectrum of international commercial and corporate activities.

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Ganado Advocates

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