Darmanin footwear, famous for its seven footwear outlets spread around Malta, released a short feature on Monday to commemorate its 100 years in the footwear business. “Four generations of commerce, together with four generations of clients, 100 years of Darmanin,” the company wrote in its Facebook post.

The retailer explained that it wanted to do something special for its 100-year anniversary, something that portrayed its origins and that reminded everyone of all the road it had taken to get to this point.

The company has its humble beginnings in 1923 when Agostino Darmanin opened the first small shoe shop in Valletta. A family run business, the shop quickly grew as a recognisable footwear brand importing and retailing by means of its outlets.

One of Malta’s oldest retail companies, Darmanin Group is in its fourth generation and employs around 70 employees. The group is currently comprised of Darmanin Footwear, Gallarija Darmanin and Teamsport, with several outlets located in prime areas.

Darmanin footwear ended the post by thanking all its clients for being with them throughout the years and it hoped that the feature instilled in them as much emotion as it did within them.

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