For EuroFreight Founder and CEO Noel Chircop, the business of freight transportation is more than a job. “Knowing that you have helped a client, the best way possible, holds a rare satisfaction that has kept me motivated and in the industry for many decades,” shares Noel as he reflects on what drew him to his path. “It is all about helping people reach their goals, in an efficient and timely manner – the rest is logistics,” he declares.

Noel is a Freight Forwarding and Logistics expert with more than 40 years’ experience in the field – both in national as well as international transportation. His career extends across the entirety of the supply chain, spanning through maritime and port operations, land and sea transportation, airfreight, as well as accompanied cargo delivery, and warehouse management.

“As a young boy I was fascinated by the world of aviation, and anything related to the magic of air travel and transport. There was something that was very intriguing to me, and I was sure that one day, I would work in the field. However, reaching adulthood, I started working with a shipping company and I fell in love with the field instantly. A few employers later, in 1999 it was time for me to setup my own shop, and that was the birth of EuroFreight,” Noel recalls.

EuroFreight Services Ltd today employs 32 people, and is one of Malta’s leading freight forwarding companies. However, Noel shares that he is dedicated to maintaining the same values he started off with in his career.

“Every day we strive to instil professionalism in our teams and motivate them to help businesses and private individuals through the services we offer. I believe that all team members are important, and we do our utmost to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a family. This is reflected in the job satisfaction our teams repeatedly report, and our close to non-existent turnover in staff. Ultimately, we are in the business of creating and sustaining good relationships, both with our clients, as well as our collaborators. A good relationship goes a long way and is often the gateway to further business down the road,” Noel notes.

‘Every day we strive to instil professionalism in our teams’ – EuroFreight Founder & CEO Noel Chirchop

Noel believes that this aspect of doing business is what sets his company apart from the competition.

“I don’t believe in being the cheapest on the market, because probably, though we are competitive, we aren’t the cheapest. However, when a client knocks on our door, they immediately understand that to us they are not just a number, or a statistic. We take a genuine interest in their goals, applying all we know to help them achieve them. To us each client is an individual with a story to share.”

Noel and all at EuroFreight, he says, are proud to embrace a genuine ‘can do’ attitude which makes all the difference. Reflecting on past achievements, Noel has a true host of experience to share. From being responsible for the delivery of machinery and equipment to set up an entire hospital, with all the complex logistics and responsibility associated with it, to some unlikely emergency deliveries too.

Asked about the challenges being faced by the industry, Noel notes that the sector is back to once again facing the difficulties of pre-COVID times, generally related to identifying human resources. “COVID was a very serious challenge for anyone involved, and we are only thankful that though its effects to a certain degree still linger on, it is largely behind us. We can also mention challenges related to the war in Ukraine, which have shifted entire supply chains and required some very creative quick thinking to continue providing our services. However, things are looking up, and we are once again on a growth trajectory,” Noel concludes.

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