With over 25 years’ experience, e-Management, a business division of HBM Group, assists major software providers and operators by offering a full suite of personalised services that deliver comprehensive, international company solutions. Amongst these company-formation services, is the application of B2C or B2B iGaming Licences within a variety of jurisdictions, the most recent being the Isle of Man (IOM), whose highly prestigious licence has led it to be dubbed the Digital Isle of Man, where the Group has now established a strategic presence by virtue of e-Management IOM.

With the island home to many of the world’s leading iGaming brands and software developers, the jurisdiction’s steep rise in popularity is no surprise. This is especially true when one considers that an Isle of Man gaming licence opens the gateway to emerging markets such as Asia and Latam, as well as the more established European markets. The licence application process is quick and simple, which means that e-Management IOM can have your platform regulated, up and running within 12 weeks from submission.

Besides opening up new markets, there are several other financial advantages to an Isle of Man gambling licence. There is a zero per cent corporation tax, while tax is set at 0.1 per cent and 1.5 per cent, based on profit or yield rather than turnover. Moreover, various financial assistance programmes are available via grants, loans and equity investment.

Isle of Man seaside town

Seaside town, Isle of Man

The Isle of Man's Government is committed to giving support to the iGaming industry via a system that offers world-class resilient IT, data and power infrastructure. Legislation reacts fast to the innovative nature of the sector, with cryptocurrency and skins betting laws already in force and ready to accept business and blockchain based betting products and RNGs easily licensable. This commitment to the industry can also be seen in the number of collaborations between the public and private sectors.

There are several different types of iGaming licences offered under the jurisdiction, and e-Management’s IOM bespoke service will help your organisation understand which one fits your profile, while guiding you through the process. Operators are offered a choice of three licences: a network licence, a full licence and a sub-licence that allows for White Label activities. B2B clients can choose between a software supplier licence or a token/blockchain based software supply licence.

In line with the IOM Government’s commitment to support the sector, the island has a comprehensive register of certified casino games. This register acts as a regulatory seal of approval for all gambling products, enabling the streamlining of internal processes and accelerating game deployment by IOM licensed B2C operators. Thus, as soon as an operator is granted a licence they can deploy any game on the register without the need for permission from the Gambling Supervision Committee. However, in the case of games that are not on the register but are certified within another jurisdiction, these can also be deployed instantly. This also carries over to clients using the content of licensed companies, so that they can use this content without having to seek another testing certificate, which would require both time and investment.

Such streamlined processes remove the need for any further testing, considerably strengthening the commercial advantage of any company operating with an Isle of Man licence and operators are not required to relocate their servers to the island to secure licensing.

Of course, no matter how straightforward, the application for a gambling licence is never without its challenges. The smallest omission or failure can spell the difference between the swift granting of the licence, or months and money wasted. This is where e-Management IOM comes in, with its localised expertise and a suite of experienced professionals who will make sure that your organisation is operational in as short a time as possible.

e-Management IOM will offer assistance and support throughout the process, from company formation and registered office services to the provision of corporate or personal directors and company secretary when needed. Nominee services, including fiduciary shareholding services, are also available. e-Management IOM will also coordinate the entire licence application process with the Gambling Supervision Commission from structuring and preparatory work and initial submission up to final determination.

With e-Management IOM curating your licence application, all the collecting and collating of application requirements – including document preparation and submission – will be taken care of. Ancillary requirements, such as establishing a corporate bank account for the company, payment processing accounts, as well as accounting, legal and corporate secretarial services are also part of the support offered. E-Management IOM continues to offer post-licensing ongoing maintenance and regulatory support for your operations.

The highly personalised advice offered by e-Management, guarantees peace of mind that you’re receiving experienced assistance for your iGaming business. By entrusting e-Management IOM with your Isle of Man iGaming licence application, you’ll be assured of a positive outcome and a smooth process that will start your presence in new markets on the right note.

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