Dino Fino Finance plc this week celebrated the listing of its €7,800,000 Secured Bond issue, with a traditional ‘Ringing of the Bell’ event held at the Malta Stock Exchange.

In a speech at the event, Dino Fino CEO Dino Fino said he was “very satisfied” that the company, despite its young age, made it onto the Malta Stock Exchange Official List, and welcomed those who contributed to making the bond issue a success.

Specifically, he named Calamatta Cuschieri who were Sponsor, Manager and Registrar, Ganado Advocates who were Legal Counsel and the Stock Exchange Team.

In his welcome speech, Malta Stock Exchange’s Chairman Joseph Portelli congratulated Dino Fino Finance plc on the success of their bond issue and wished them well in their future endeavours

Dino Fino Finance is the fourth under the Dino Fino collective.

It offers a showroom experience to individual consumers with Dino Fino Home, and business customers with Dino Fino Contracts. Dino Fino Outlet is the Group’s online portal, with an extensive range of furniture and furnishings carrying incredible discounts for shoppers who are on the lookout for a great deal.

Dino Fino Finance is led by a recently-appointed Board of Directors, with Beppe Muscat at the helm as Executive Director.

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