A seamless integration between two startups, Fyorin and Buddy, was brought about after numerous businesses raised their concerns with current banking and salary payment solutions.

Particularly as major banks not only do not provide batch-payment functionality to small businesses. However, some major local banks also fail in validating payment amounts before issuing batch payments.

As a result, Fyorin and Buddy joined forces to provide employers with the ability to automate salary payments for businesses of any size.

“It is not the first time, employers may have generated and uploaded the wrong bank transfer file in their banking system. Unfortunately, Malta’s biggest banks, still fail to correctly validate the amounts contained within Bank Files, to the amount inputted by the user,” said Jonathan Mifsud, Buddy’s Co-Founder and CTO. “The integration with Fyorin, not only eliminates this problem completely but also provides a more secure experience.”

Traditional Bank Payment files, generally contain all personal and banking information of employees exposed in plain text, so that banking and digital solutions can read their contents. When protected, these generally tend to have weak passwords in formats that can easily be exposed.

In addition to providing a better banking experience and enhancing security, the collaboration also brings about other benefits.

Processing payroll payments can be very time-consuming and prone to manual errors especially when one has to create payments individually or deal with bank files. Not any longer. With the direct integration between these two platforms, once the payroll for all the employees has been calculated from Buddy, without going out of the platform and with one click of a button, it connects directly with your Fyorin account and executes the payroll bulk payment securely.  

It's not just Businesses that benefit from the integration. Accountants and Payroll Bureaus offering payroll services for small businesses also find their workflow streamlined. Since the service provider now can stage all salary payments for the client to approve from within their Fyorin account with a single click.

This solution eliminates costly mistakes, enhances security and saves businesses hours when performing payroll regardless of the number of employees being paid. And because Fyorin is connected to a network of international Financial Institutions payments are delivered faster, making sure that employees are always paid on time. 

“Employees, for the first time, will be able to receive their salary payments within minutes,” said James Camilleri, Co-Founder and CEO of Fyorin. “The solution also provides employers with payment status for each salary payment. Should there be an issue with one of the employee’s banking details, this is flagged without stopping salary payments for all other staff members.”

Below is an example of what digitally powered salary payments look like:

Salary Payments with Buddy & Fyorin from Buddy Payroll Software on Vimeo.

In order to leverage the solution, a business can connect their Buddy Payroll account to Fyorin through their cloud payroll account. The connection itself takes less than a minute to set up and allows employers to start issuing payments using the integration with immediate effect.

In addition to streamlining the payroll process, businesses using the solution will also be able to benefit from additional financial products offered by www.fyorin.com. These include the ability to lower their monthly subscription costs or to control the spending of their employees, through the use of virtual cards while earning cash back on every card purchase. Businesses can also automate their payables by connecting their preferred accounting platform with Fyorin so that they can perform payouts, in different currencies without leaving their accounting solution. They can also connect their existing banking accounts in Fyorin so that from one dashboard they can manage and have a 360-degrees of their cash position.

Buddy provides Cloud HR & Payroll software, that enables employees, employers, and payroll bureaus to collaborate. Through AccuPay™ and Leave Management, Buddy empowers businesses to issue legally compliant payslips. Buddy’s solution can be accessed by visiting their website www.buddy.hr.

Overall, the integration between www.Fyorin.com and www.buddy.hr is a win-win for businesses looking to streamline their payroll process while automating their financial operations by taking advantage of Fyorin's financial products. Both companies are excited to see the positive impact this integration will bring to the business community.

Contact Buddy.hr or Fyorin team today, to start saving time and eliminate your exposure to costly mistakes against your greatest asset - your employees.

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