The Malta Digital Innovation Authority is a governmental entity tasked with promoting consistent principles for developing people’s and organisations’ vision, skills and other qualities relating to technological innovation. The Authority also provides certification programmes for innovative technology arrangements and related technologies.

First and foremost, the MDIA promotes government policies that aim at deploying innovative technology arrangements within public administration. This role is also extended to educating the public about the necessary ethical standards that accompany innovative technology arrangements and their legitimate use.

The MDIA also safeguards users of innovative technologies by implementing standards of protection that meet legitimate expectations and defend against misuse. To achieve this goal, the Authority harmonises local and global practices and facilitates the adoption of innovative technology standards that align with international norms.

Furthermore, the MDIA promotes the development of innovative technology in as comprehensive a manner and for as many uses as possible. The aim is to reap the benefits of innovative technology across economic and social sectors, including financial services, health, education, voluntary organisations, public administration and transport.

The MDIA also encourages the development of regulatory processes surrounding innovative technology arrangements to support Maltese authorities that regulate different sectors and help them better administer the laws they are entrusted with for the public good.

Chief Executive Officer: Kenneth Brincat

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