Automotive supplier Burmarrad Group has completed its relocation to its new premises in the Marsa Industrial Estate, with a greater focus on sustainability.

Speaking to, Director Mario Gauci Jr said that the move is in line with the company’s strategy to “diversify further within the automotive industry, enhance its services offered to clients, including other businesses, and increase personnel”.

He added that the previous location in Burmarrad “did not permit such growth”, with the new premises allowing for a number of advantages to its overall operations, including Burmarrad Group being closer to its clients, “in the heart of the business community”. Since it is primarily focused on business-to-business sales, most of its clients are in “neighbouring central or south industrial estates”. The company welcomed its first clients at the new facility last week.

Additionally, the company will also be focusing on the manufacturing of vehicle bodies and conservation, as well as operating from a “more sustainable and eco-friendly building”.

“For instance, in our newly built facility, we installed over one megawatt of solar panels equivalent to powering about 400 households, planted about 3000 trees, and installed a 1.5 million-litre reservoir where we collect rainwater for second class use. This results in many thousands of tonnes of potable water being saved every year,” Mr Gauci Jr explained.

The new building will also allow Burmarrad Group to add more services to its current portfolio, while also maintaining a “focus on improving customer satisfaction which is at the heart of our operations”.

The move was initially announced back in May 2020, yet “shortage of supplies for some of the equipment and building supplies”, coupled with the scale of the overall project meant that “works took longer than expected”.

Mario Gauci Jr

Burmarrad Group Director Mario Gauci Jr

While the company had around 65 employees in 2020, Mr Gauci Jr said that it now has over 100.

When asked what was done at the new facility to ensure a healthy working environment is kept despite the challenge or relocating, he said that the team was “very cooperative and equally excited” about the move. The Marsa facility offers workers a “comfortable space with new tools and equipment, new offices, and several benefits including a canteen, lounge space for focus groups, training room, several meeting rooms for internal meetings and meetings with clients, gym facilities with showers and changing areas, and several other benefits”.

“Our employees are also constantly being motivated to grow further within the company with internal promotions,” Mr Gauci Jr concluded.

Specialising in the supply of new and used vans, trucks, special purpose vehicles, cars, warehouse equipment, and industrial machinery, Burmarrad Group has grown extensively since its establishment in 1984 by Mr Gauci Jr’s father, Mario Gauci.

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