Veronica Zammit Tabona has been actively involved in the family business since she was 16 years old, her father, Ralph Arrigo, insisting she should be trained in all aspects of the hotel and catering business. Aged 20, she decided to run the catering business, Osborne Caterers, which services Villa Arrigo.

“Steering the company for the past 30 plus years, my main ambition is to keep the brand name of Villa Arrigo at the forefront of the events and weddings industry.

“I am hands-on and manage to handle the smooth running of the business while meeting with various prospective clients and customising each and every event accordingly,” Ms Zammit Tabona, who attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart School, says.

Villa Arrigo is part of the Arrigo Group of Companies. Initially, Osborne Caterers was a small catering firm operating from the Osborne Hotel, in Valletta. Three decades ago, Osborne Caterers realised the next step was to provide an exclusive location, turning the nature of the business to a boutique and exclusive caterer instead of offering the usual fare.

Villa Arrigo, situated in San Pawl tat-Tarġa, is a majestic villa that can serve as a delightful venue for any occasion. The décor, grand marquee and immaculate gardens create a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere.

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