Bureau Vallée is a well-known name in its field, now solidly established in the Maltese market since 2014, thanks to Stephanie and Marc Frasson Botton. Mr Frasson Botton was already working for the French company and together with his wife they decided to “become entrepreneurs,” exclaiming “seeing how successful was the Franchisee I was helping to open, we decided to take our chance!”

The brand has cemented its position in the local scene as a leading supplier of various office and stationery needs and boasts of offering a very wide range of goods, surpassing 6,000 different items that are readily available. The company traces its origins in France, set up by Bruno Peyroles in 1990 and has grown to 450 outlets in several countries.

Mr Frasson Botton, the CEO and founder of the local franchise, highlights that the chain “has experienced significant growth, expanding to four shops and increasing turnover eightfold since opening.” And there is no doubt in Mr Frasson Botton’s view that the company is set to expand further, as he continues “we are pushing these last months to find new premises so we can continue opening new stores and get closer to our clients.”

Besides sales at its outlets, last year the company made some 2,500 deliveries, representing a turnover of €250,000 euros from online sales, mostly to small and medium-sized enterprises, claims Mr Frasson Botton. Among its clients there are also larger companies now, with Bureau Vallée providing specialised deliveries. Bureau Vallée is open to onboard other franchisees in Malta, with sights particularly set on locations in the south of the island, the Mosta/Attard area and in Gozo, all based on the footfall experienced and the multiple requests that the company observes among its clientele.

Marc Fresson Botton - Bureau Vallee

Moreover, Mr Frasson Botton underlines that in the coming weeks and months new offerings will be announced, going beyond the traditional stationery market. Soon coming up will be a range of batteries, also solar rechargeable, geared to power household appliances – from small types of such batteries to others made to last for days, capable to keep fridges and other essential equipment going on. There’s no doubt that this market is ripe for the taking, and the brand quality and price-points that Mr Frasson Botton is currently envisaging sound enticing. According to Mr Frasson Botton this development is expected to come on line “in the next few weeks,” which should be a timely offer too.

Back to stationery items, at the time of the interview Mr Frasson Botton divulged that “last week, our sales soared as we swiftly moved 12 pallets of FSC and Eco Label-certified paper, boasting an 80GSM weight and an appealing level of whiteness.” To attest to the company’s advantageous positioning, he continues “Remarkably, while competitors are pricing this quality at €22.90 or higher, our commitment to offering the best value meant our price was a competitive €16.50.” And the interest is palpable, as a client stops to ask for more details on a large purchase of paper supplies.

Mr Frasson Botton underlines the values that direct the company’s efforts, stating that “we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products at unbeatable prices.” More than that, pointing at shelves holding countless of individual items without any blister packaging, Mr Frasson Botton reveals that “We are progressively shifting towards selling products by unit rather than in excessive packaging, minimizing our environmental footprint.” He also emphasises that Bureau Vallée Malta is “committed to sustainability, actively engages in recycling initiatives and promotes eco-friendly products,” listing several practical initiatives being undertaken in this regard, such as with their compatible cartridges - recycled and refilled.

The all-round emphasis on sustainability is constantly on Mr Frasson Botton’s mind, indicating that this lies at the “core of our business philosophy.” He is quite clear that this is the way to go, elaborating that “Looking ahead, sustainability will continue to be a focal point as we strive to integrate eco-friendly practices into every facet of our business, fostering a more sustainable and responsible future for both our company and the community we serve.”

Committed as ever to provide the best service to its clientele, the company also strives to have its outlets staffed with personnel that are well experienced locally. As it aims for further growth, similar opportunities abound.

Mr Frasson Botton highlights the company’s focus on business-to-business relations, pointing out that “Bureau Vallée Malta is dedicated to providing comprehensive business-to-business solutions tailored to the unique needs of our corporate clients” and noting that the solutions are “designed to meet the demands of modern businesses, ensuring they have access to top-quality products for their daily operations.” This is further underlined by the company’s preferred method to “exclusively collaborate with top-tier brands in each product category.”

Marc Frasson Botton - Bureau Vallee

With the bottom-line of partnering companies also in mind, the local franchise’s CEO continues that “We understand the importance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the corporate environment, and our offerings reflect this commitment.” He notes that a personalised service, bulk purchase options and convenient delivery solutions are benefits that B2B clients enjoy when collaborating with the company, also placing an emphasis on “a seamless and efficient procurement experience.”

The wide reach that the Bureau Vallée brand represents across a number of countries, is translating into not only better economies of scale, but also the possibility to undertake more initiatives. Mr Frasson Botton states that these include “support for startups, consultancy services, entrepreneurial indices, business opportunities, and exclusive deals.” With a glint in his eyes, he hints that while he “can't disclose further details at this moment, stay tuned for exciting updates coming soon!” Pressed that little bit further, he lets in that “our focus is on creating a network that not only connects our outlets but also provides valuable services and opportunities to entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the entire Bureau Vallée community.” And with that we can already get some indications of the company’s ambitions.

Bureau Vallée seems to be quite poised for more new offerings and initiatives, as well as further growth, staying in tune with what clients want and need. Mr Frasson Botton seems to encapsulate that energy quite well. And from a brief discussion with him, one can immediately sense that level of engagement and understand that the company is all about providing solutions. Mr Frasson Botton quite elegantly sums it up, “By proactively broadening our range, we aspire to not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations, providing solutions that cater to their present demands and those anticipated in the dynamic landscape of tomorrow.” There’s more to look forward to from the Bureau Vallée brand.

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