808 Association, the organisation behind Malta Design Week (MDW), has announced a new leadership team for its Executive Committee.

Originally set up by Chris Briffa, Albert Delia and Justin Schembri in 2011, the NGO is dedicated to increasing public appreciation and understanding of design through collaboration with design practitioners, policymakers, and organisations that recognise design as a force for good.

After hosting MDW in 2011, and 2014 as well as other design-related events throughout the years, the founding members are handing over to a new team: Karolina Rostkowska, an entrepreneur in the creative sector – who will serve as President of 808 Association - Cultural Strategist and Art Advisor Maria Galea, and Design Architect Elyse Tonna.

“MDW was always a curious exploration of every imaginable design discipline. We aim to build upon that mission with an emphasis on experimentation, innovation, and the development of expertise and talent,” Ms Rostkowska said.

From left to right: Chris Briffa, Karolina Rostkowska, Maria Galea, Elyse Tonna and Albert Delia

The association aims to work closely with industry insiders to understand their needs, which in turn will facilitate the planning and implementation of design-related activities effectively.

These include multidisciplinary events such as exhibitions, creative incubators, performances, lectures, networking events, public meetings, conferences and fairs.

In addition, the team is working to advance their mission by continuing MDW and introducing Malta Art Week, the new event focusing on integrating local and international stakeholders from the art world.

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