The following article was penned by eCabs Chief Marketing Officer Simon Debono

At eCabs, we have been on the road for 13 years and along the way we’ve learned a thing or two about how transport works – and how it doesn’t.

We have learnt how to manage traffic flows and factor them into a business.

We have learned when people need a ride, and when they don’t, and we’ve learnt how to make work easier and more rewarding for our partner drivers working behind the wheel. 

We want to pass on that knowledge and help be part of the solution to improve the transport landscape.

That’s why we recently launched our new Blog platform – a space for our leaders and tech experts to share their thoughts and insights on the world of transport and the intersection of tech and mobility.

At eCabs, we truly believe in the power of multi-modality, where people can easily and efficiently switch between different modes of transport to get where they need to be.

As a tech company in the space of mobility, our mission is to make transport accessible, affordable, and reliable for everyone while minimising our impact on the environment.

This is because we know that moving away from our total dependence on the personal car and embracing different ways of getting around is the future.  We know it’s the solution that’s going to democratise transport and fix our clogged urban spaces. 

We believe that staying informed and up to date is crucial for the growth and success of our industry.

Our leadership team will be sharing their views on transport policies and weighing in on the latest developments in the mobility sector.

eCabs Technologies CEO Matthew Bezzina, eCabs Malta CEO Andrew Bezzina, and I will be exploring the future of transport and how eCabs is committed to shaping it.

Our goal is to use technology to enhance the passenger experience, provide a safer ride, and make transport more accessible for everyone.

To this end, we will also have experts from our Tech team sharing their knowledge and insights. Our engineers and data wizards have got some awesome stories to tell.

We will also be sharing the stories of the people, products and corporate culture that make our tech mobility company thrive, as well as updates about the cutting-edge technology we create, and the tech mobility industry at large.

We care about the sustainability of the industry, and the safety of our passengers and drivers. We understand that our users and our drivers come from all walks of life, and we want to make sure that everyone feels included and heard.

That’s why we will also be featuring guest writers and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and insights on transport and mobility.

We are excited to be going on this journey, and we hope you will tune in as we share our thoughts, experiences, and expertise.

The eCabs Blog page may be accessed here.

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