In 1989, Stephen McCarthy joined a team of professionals from various management fields who jointly set up The Management Advisory Group that covers most areas of management, including financial management, and specialises in helping local and foreign businesses to restructure and to meet new market challenges.

As the Financial Consultant of the Group, he has acquired much expertise in both public and private office.

Mr McCarthy chaired the Board of Directors of Union Print Ltd and Untours Agency Ltd and served as Finance Director of Greenpeace Mediterranean for five years, during which period he also formed part of the Greenpeace International Standardisation Board.

“All the noteworthy assignments for which I have been responsible during the past years have earned me considerable experience and credibility in the field of business development and management,” he asserts.

Mr McCarthy has a BA (Hons) Degree in Accountancy from the University of Malta and eventually obtained a warrant as Certified Public Accountant.

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority has a leading role in promoting Malta as the centre for excellence for technological innovation while also setting and enforcing standards that ensure compliance with international obligations. Furthermore, it seeks to protect and support all users and encourages all types of innovations by allowing for maximum flexibility when it comes to the certification of innovative technology arrangements.

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