“I am a firm believer in the power of people to drive competitive advantage, I support business and HR leaders to futureproof their organisations with the right culture and work environment to inspire and engage people in their work to maximise performance,” Rachel Falzon says of herself.

With over 25 years’ experience in the learning and development sphere, Ms Falzon shares her knowledge and empowers people and organisations to become more adaptable, flexible and resilient in the face of multiple modern-day challenges and the odd Black Swan.

Through strategic HR/business partnering, she helps clients envisage and work towards achieving a work scenario where people give their best, are creative, adaptable and resourceful and are motivated to grow and learn, improving overall effectiveness and efficiency.

ReWired HR Consultants is, in fact, a boutique management consultancy that focuses on strategic HR/business partnering for future-conscious organisations. It supports leaders who want to transform their organisations to become more adaptable, flexible, innovative and resilient for the uncertain future, a changing world of work and ongoing digital disruption.

Get in touch: rachel@rewired.com.mt

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