A seasoned change-management professional who has successfully straddled various management roles within a number of sectors, Patrick Vella has extensive experience in public sector reform, starting with the Public Service Reform Commission, which charted the way for a modern public sector.

“Following a stint within the private sector, I was lured back to the public sector in a corporate role within the Government’s public service reform entity, the MSU (now MITA), overseeing annual budgets of about Lm8 million (circa €20 million). I also carried out public service management consultancy, notably co-drafting Malta’s first e-Government strategy in 2000, among other projects,” he says.

Mr Vella, who has a BA (Hons) Degree in Public Administration from the University of Malta, is responsible for the strategic/business planning/performance measurement function within the Malta Communications Authority. He is also tasked with the competition analysis of electronic communications markets and for strategic projects, such as the digital switchover (2011) and the postal regulatory framework review (2012/2013) as well as the transposition of the European Electronic Communications Code.

He is the Malta representative on the European Commission's Communications Committee.

The Malta Communications Authority is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the various electronic communications sectors, including fixed and mobile telephony, internet and TV distribution services. It also regulates the postal services and eCommerce.

Get in touch: patrick.b.vella@mca.org.mt

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